Mangala's home page

Welcome to my homepage! I'm an architect and artist, and so I much prefer to let pictures speak rather than words....

Mangala - photo

I'm Russian born, but I've been living Ireland for the last fifteen years - long enough to get a proper Irish accent! Myself and Ambarish are the leaders of the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my life has been giving free meditation classes over the past few years.

Wall arrangement

As an artist I have had many exhibitions, including one in the National Concert Hall, Dublin and exhibitions in Moscow and Kursk in Russia.

The paintings on the left are my most recent work; whilst the triptych of paintings below date from 1998.


Here are a selection of my paintings; I have uploaded many more onto the Sri Chinmoy Centre gallery...

I am also a keen photographer, and I have uploaded a few of my photos onto the gallery.

seated figure
Shapes on brown background 
 jharna-kala-esque 1